Useful tips

In this seccion you will find tips that might be useful at some point

Hypotonic drinks

Hypotonic drinks: It contaisns water and mineral salts,they are the nornmal mineralized, have a lower solute concentration than that of blood plasma Isotonic drinks: Solute concentration is equal to that of blood plasma. Containing sugars and electrolytes, commercial drinks, besides water contain varying amounts of sodium chloride, potassium, small amounts of magnesium, calcium and simple […]

Ten useful tips to reach 100 years

Eat with moderation Keep a varied diet that includes all food groups, in the recommended amount. Keep the brain active. Remain surrounded by the loved ones. Undergo adequate physical activity for each age Avoid harmful health habits like smoking or drinking disproportionately. Promote new social relations. Laugh, keep a good mood and optimism towards life. […]

Las personas mayores necesitan beber aunque no tengan sed

Al envejecer, disminuye la proporción de agua en el organismo, por eso, en los mayores el agua representa tan solo el 60 por ciento en los hombres y el 50 por ciento en las mujeres, frente al 80 por ciento en la edad infantil y juvenil. Además, las personas mayores tienden a beber de forma […]