Cold ans Flu


There is no specific treatment nor for the common cold or flu, but we can provide a series of generic measures to improve symptoms, which are:

bed rest if fever is present, stop smoking (those who smoke), keep well hydrated drinking plenty of water, to facilitate the removal discharge, nasal and bronchial. Do not drink alcohol, use menthololed tablets and nasal sprays which will improve throat sorness; Analgesics improve muscle aches and fever. Antitussives combat dry cough. Expectorants when the cough is productive and intense, will draw mucus out. Decongestant nasal spray: for inflammation of the nasal passages (saline).


Common cold, flu, fever up to 39 degrees or over, cough, profuse sweating, frequent sneezing, chills, slight muscle aches, fatigue, tiredness, headache, muscle aches important in arms, legs and back, congested and watery eyes, weight loss, runny nose with watery discharge, loss of appetite, insidious and slow start, bronchial and nasal congestion and cough.